2013 Available Boas

Litter #1
Sunglow Harlequin Motley Litter - Born on 04/22/2013

The Dam was a Paradox Hypo Harlequin het for Kahl albino born here at the Dragon Ranch a few years ago. She turned out to be het for Anery which was the nicest surprise of my season so far.

The sire was a Motley Albino het for Anery. All the babies are 66% het for anery and the non-albinos are all 100% het for Kahl.

Sold out.                

Litter #2
Parahet het for Anery and Anery Female born on 05/03/2013.

This was not what I was expecting. My Anery female turned out not to be het for Sharp which was quite a disappointment.
Litter #3
Jungle Lipstick Sunglow litter - Born on 05/11/2013.

The Dam was a nice big Jungle het for Kahl. The sire was a Lipstick Line Super Hypo that will be up for sale very soon. The neonates were all born huge. She gave me a Motley Jungle litter last year which were also born huge.
All sold... 

Below is a Photo Bucket album link with some pics of the parents and neonates:


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